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Education means ‘to learn, to ‘gain knowledge and teach someone the new thing which he knew not.

Education contains all the information about learning and gaining knowledge from schools, academies, colleges and universities. It also consists of an education system for learning.

Types of Education

Education Education is a process of gaining experience and learning new things. We can define education in such a way that the process of learning,...

Is physical education important?

Is physical education important? The answer is very simple It is one of the most important ways of learning. It makes you physically fit...

What is General Education Diplomas and Courses

General education, courses and diplomas are offered by many colleges and schools. The word education was originally derived from the Latin word 'educationem' which...

Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT)

The medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) is a standardized test conducted in Pakistan to determine the eligibility of candidates for admission to...

Learning with games at home

Educational games mean games that are designed to learn something by playing these games. Learning with games has great importance in the education of...

What is Secondary Education?

The Education Level which mostly starts from level 10 to 12 is called secondary education. It is also known as post primary education. Secondary education...

Online Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

Online learning means gaining knowledge and skills through the use of the internet and other electronic media. It is the latest form of learning...
Top 10 Issues Facing Education in Pakistan

Top 10 Issues Facing Education in Pakistan

There are unlimited problems with education in Pakistan since its creation of Pakistan. No policy has been taken to solve these problems. The government...

Digital learning online

Digital learning Digital learning means the method of learning by new digital tools. In the modern era, digital learning is not a new concept. Digital...

What is Science definition

"What is science definition" is the question rising in the mind of everyone who studies science. We can define science in many ways but...

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