Problems of Education in Pakistan

There are unlimited problems with education in Pakistan since its creation of Pakistan. No policy has been taken to solve these problems. The government has not taken any serious steps to solve these problems. The governments have been changed but the problems have not been solved.

Problems of the Education System in Pakistan

There are unlimited problems in the education system of Pakistan. But here we discuss the major problems of education in Pakistan. 

Lack of uniform system

The lack of a uniform system for education is still a major problem. Different schools in the private and public sectors work in different mediums of instruction. There is a variety of curricula, instruction mediums and examination systems. There should be a uniform system for education to ensure the quality of education.

This variable system of education in schools and colleges leads students to different thoughts, lack of cooperation, and different behaviour and attitude towards studies.

Outdated curriculum

Pakistan is outdated because its syllabus is outdated. An outdated syllabus is one of the major problems in the education system of Pakistan. The curriculum is not updated to the current world. A curriculum is a major tool for a nation to be developed. Pakistan is a developing nation and it needs up-to-date curriculum. This curriculum does not meet the needs of the current modern world. This outdated curriculum has destroyed the confidence, critical thinking and power of learning of the students. If we want to develop our country in all sectors the curriculum should be updated to the current demands of the world.

Single curriculum

The single curriculum is also a major problem in the education system of Pakistan. In different provinces of Pakistan, there are different curricula. When students come to a university for higher education they are not familiar with the curriculum and syllabus of that university. This leads to confusion, depression, uneasiness and a lack of confidence in students. Like in Sindh, at the intermediate level, students read the Sindhi language and Sindhi syllabus which is very different to Punjab. Likewise in KPK, there is a different syllabus for the intermediate level than in Punjab and Sindh. All the provinces in Punjab have their own curriculum and syllabus.

Poor Examination System

The problem of education system in Pakistan is one of the major problems in the education system. The examination system in Pakistan is not just outdated but it has failed to evaluate the performance and creativity of students. Such a poor education system has destroyed the creativity of the students. Now they are not able to think outside of the given syllabus and curriculum. The paper setting, its secrecy, examination time, paper marking system and the announcement of results are very old and outdated.

Poor Quality of Education

Education in Pakistan is facing a number of problems ranging from inadequate funding to low literacy rates, and these issues are having an adverse effect on the country’s future. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 issues facing education in Pakistan, including access to quality education, gender inequality, and employer expectations.

Low budget for education

Government give a very low budget for education. Before 2018 government gives a very low budget for education. The government has been spending less than 1% of the total budget. But after 2018 the budget increased up to 100 billion rupees for the first time. This increased budget for only one year is not enough for the education sector to remove the education gap.

According to the budget 2022-23, the government has spent only 65 billion rupees on education which is not enough for the education sector. This time government should increase the budget as compared to last year but it did not happen.

Corruption in the education system

When the budget is allocated for education it does not spend fully for this purpose. The ministers, ministers of education, secretary, chief secretary of education, bureaucrats and EDOs divide the budget among themselves. They take a portion of the budget and the rest of it spent on education. The budget for education is already very low and the officials take much of its budget for their own personal use. This is very worse in rural areas. Corrupt officers have destroyed badly the whole education system.

Less-educated teachers

In public sector schools and colleges, most teachers are less educated. They do not know how to teach the students and which method is best to improve their reading, writing and speaking abilities. Such teachers are unable to check the performance of the students. They also do not increase the level of curiosity and learning process in the students. They do not assess the student’s psyche, special field, interests and IQ level.

Lack of trained teacher

Teachers in private and public sector institutions are not so much trained in their profession. Students are not taught by qualified and trained teachers hence they fail in their studies and practical life. There is no policy for teachers’ training, especially in public sector schools and colleges are being worse day by day.

Lack of Digital Education

In Pakistan, there is no advanced system of learning. The use of new tools and devices for the learning process is not there. There is no digital education in Pakistan. The old ways of learning are still present there. The use of mobiles, computers, laptops, cameras, online education, video mode and the internet is not present there. According to the needs of modern times, there is no such system for education as other countries have for their education system.

Medium of Education

Language is a very important medium of education. In Pakistan, there is not a single education medium. Some students taught in Urdu and some taught in English. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, according to the saying of Quaid-e-Azam. But our officials and courts are not following the Quaid-e-Azam. English is a foreign language and we are giving it a national status. Our students are dividing day by day between Urdu and English. The result is that our students are not able to speak both languages fluently. This is a big problem in our education system.

Restrictions on Female Education

In our society, people think that girls should not study. They think that girls should stay at home and do housework. Our mindset and conservative thinking are big problems in our education system. Most people consider it a sin to girls study. They think girls are only made to serve men. This is wrong because Islam allows women to study. Prophet PBUH said that getting knowledge is mandatory for all people.


The ratio of dropping out of schools and colleges in Pakistan is increasing very speedy. This massive increase in dropouts has many reasons. One major reason is the poor economic status of the families, they have no money to send their children to school. Another reason is the poor quality of education. An uneasy environment for the students, lack of proper facilities, lack of attachment between the students and the teachers and unfriendly relations between the students and their parents are some other reasons for dropouts.

Physical Facilities

Physical facilities are more important for students for education. If the physical facilities are not good, students will not be able to study perfectly. Physical facilities are the basic requirements for learning. Physical facilities become more important when we go from lower grades to high school. The infrastructure of schools has become better in Pakistan since 2000. There are now fewer open defecation sites, and the water supply has improved. Besides these, there is a dire need for the construction of more and better schools in which basic facilities are provided.

Bad Education Policies

Policymakers do not make any policy yet that benefits students. The present policies are not enough to improve the education system. Policymakers must make policy that improves the education system. Old and very bad policies are running for the last 50 years. These policies need improvement for the better future of Pakistan.

Directionless Education

Students get an education without setting goals for their future and for higher education. They do not know what they want to do in life. They also do not know how to achieve their goals and which direction to take. Students are unable to set goals for their future life. They even cannot choose the right field of their interest. Most students in Pakistan choose the field of their parent’s will. This directionless education is one of the serious problems for the future of Pakistan.

Higher Cost of Education

Education has become very expensive. Students cannot afford to go to school. School and colleges owner has made education a business. They charged very high fees and made the students pay. The education system in Pakistan is very expensive at the upper levels like high and higher education. Students cannot afford to go to universities after ending their education in college. Many students left education after their college because of the high cost of education in universities. There is a dire need to lower the fees in schools, colleges and universities. More than 50% population of Pakistan is below the poverty line, how can they afford to go to university?

Conclusion: Problems of education in Pakistan

In conclusion, education in Pakistan faces a multitude of challenges that need to be addressed to ensure a brighter future for the country’s youth. From inadequate funding to poor infrastructure and gender disparities, the issues are complex and require a comprehensive approach to overcome. It is vital for policymakers and educators to prioritize these challenges and work towards finding solutions that can improve the quality of education and ensure equal access for all. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to change, we can empower the next generation of Pakistanis with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.