Federal Govt is determined to Corner Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Federal Govt is Determined to Corner Imran Khan and PTI. The Federal Govt has made it clear that there will be no immediate dialogue with Imran Khan. They have decided against granting any political or legal relief to the former prime minister and his party because of the May 9 tragedy. According to reliable sources, the government plans to continue taking legal action against PTI leaders and the individuals involved in the May 9 incident of attack on Military assets. The cases related to the attack on military installations will be furthered and tried in military courts as soon as possible, in accordance with Pakistan’s laws.
The ruling party, it is learned, does not view the PTI chief’s announcement of talks with influential figures as a welcome development. After evidence appeared linking the PTI to the May 9 incidents, the government finds it impossible to engage in dialogues with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
Sources highlight that the PTI’s protest had a negative impact on the country’s international image. Furthermore, the PTI has continued to make disparaging remarks against the state, thereby hindering any possibility of political negotiations with Imran on behalf of the federal government at present.
The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government has firmly established a policy of not granting any political or legal relief to the PTI following the May 9 tragedy. The federal government cannot show flexibility in this regard, considering the attacks on Pakistan’s forces and state institutions.
Govt. is considering that, if political leaders will condemn the May 9 incidents, dialogues can be held with them, Finally this will be decided ultimately by the PDM.
The forward block in PTI is expected to emerge soon, the block members will be part away from Imran Khan but may participate in Pakistan’s political landscape.