Monitoring Students’ mental health is most important for the students as well as their education. Elementary schools must monitor the students’ mental health because at this level a child needs early education which helps him to grow. Psychological well-being is most important as well as physical growth.

In the last couple of years especially teenagers dying by suicide at a higher rate than ever. There may be mental and psychological problems with the students. So it is important to monitoring the students’ mental health. Many cases have been registered that teenager hangs themselves, hurt other students or become a problem for their family.

Note the timetable of students

First of all, parents should not the timetable of their children. Their time of sleeping, awakening and going to school. If they find any problem and irregularity in the timetable they should ask the students. This will help them to understand the problem. They should not keep the problem to themselves but also inform the school authorities.

Parents should also talk to their children about their health, timetable and any other to tell them about the problem.

Family Issues

Parents should not reveal their family issues in front of their children. This may lead students to depression and anxiety. Parents and family are the first support system for the students. This is the first learning institute for the students to be educated. They should be aware of the problems and needs of their children to help them in active learning.

Children behaviour

Be attentive to the behaviour of the children. If you notice any problem in the behaviour of the student and any hurdle which prevent them from playing, studying, and from typical behavior, you should inform the school authorities. Teachers can also help the students to improve their normal routine. You should also seek help by referring the student to the school counsellor, children protection services, primary care units and psychological professionals.

Encourage sports activities

Sports are also a good way to reduce the students’ stress. It is a good way to get physical exercise and socialize with other students. This helps the students to grow and become better players. It also helps them to learn social skills from their peers. Sports also help to develop good students’ mental health as well as physical. Sports are the most important activities to develop the students’ self-confidence.

Positive Attitude

Teachers must be positive and encouraging to the students. They should be able to understand the student’s problems. Always show the students a positive side of every aspect of life. Show your positive, caring, loving, and friendly attitude to the students this will help them to develop a good relationship with the teachers. Students learn and apply the attitude of their teachers to their life.

School role in students’ mental health

Schools must be sensitive to the students’ mental health and provide the best education for them. School plays an important role in the students’ physical and mental health. School authorities and the parents should be alert and take necessary actions when they notice the signs of mental and psychological problems in the students.

Need for psychiatrists in the schools

The schools must provide the students with a psychologist or psychiatrist when needed. It will help students from deviated behaviour. This is the need of every school. Government should provide the schools with the best facilities.

Physical help and counselling

Schools must provide the students with psychological help and counselling when they require it. The education system must also provide the students with the education that will help them to be more mentally strong and less vulnerable to the problems. Physical education should be provided in the schools and the government must ensure that the sports facilities are available in the schools.

Take care of yourself

Teaching is a job that requires a lot of effort, and it is not easy to teach every student in the classroom. It is a fully stressful profession and very difficult to manage the students. You should also maintain good physical and mental health. You should take care of yourself and your family. Take time for yourself and relax. Maintain a good relationship with your family and friends, do daily exercise, eat fresh food and drink plenty of water.