Online learning means gaining knowledge and skills through the use of the internet and other electronic media. It is the latest form of learning and is the fastest way to progress. Online learning has become a very important part of education nowadays. The modern education system is based on new ways of learning and developing. 

Online Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to online learning. Over the last couple of years, the online learning trend has increased. We know everything has its pros and cons. As far as concerned the online learning advantages and disadvantages we discuss here in detail.

Online Learning Advantages

There are many advantages of online learning in this modern world. There is a dire need for online learning according to the new demands. Some of the advantages of online learning are mentioned here:

Saving of time

Students can save their time through an online learning system. The big problem in the physical education system is that students have to travel and in this way, they waste a lot of time. But by online learning students learn at home through electronic media or the internet and they save their precious time.

Modern Education

Online learning gives the opportunity to the students to touch with the modern education system. The latest updates, new techniques and the changing universe knowledge keep up to date with the students.

24/7 learning

Online learning has become a modern education system. It has changed the old education system. Today students can learn from their homes or office. They can learn at the time when it is most convenient for them. It also provides a convenient platform for the students to learn at their own pace and in their own time. The best part is that students can learn anywhere, at any time.

Better Understanding

It is a modern education system which helps students to learn at their own pace. It has many advantages such as saving time and earning good grades. In online learning, the teacher teaches the topic from the relevant angle and the students learn from the examples. The good thing is that the students can learn from the examples and can understand the topic better.

Critical Thinking

Online learning improved the critical thinking of the students. Through very small tasks, quizzes and puzzles students bring their think in use to complete the given task. This helps the students to think critically about every aspect of life. Students develop their thinking which they have not practised in the classroom.

New Skills

Students can learn new skills from their tutor. It is a face to face learning by a different type of software. Every student can ask any question from his teacher and get the answer. This type of learning helps to learn new skills outside of the curriculum. Common issues in education drop off in this learning.

Save of Money

Physical education demands fees and materials from the students. Parents have to pay high fees to the schools and colleges. Students have to pay for the books, uniforms, shoes, bags and other things. But by online learning one can save a lot of money. There is no need of buying books and other things. You just need a pen, notebook and a good internet connection to learn.

Flexibility and extra time for other activities

Online Learning gives the opportunity for the students to play different sports and spend time in other activities. Sports play an important role in the development and growth of the students. Co-curriculum activities help the students to maintain their interest in their studies.

No limited Outline

Mostly in physical education, there is ou dated syllabus outline and students cannot learn from this curriculum. In online learning, there is no need for a traditional outline. Students remain in touch with the current affairs of the world, new technology and modern knowledge.

Disadvantages of online learning

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. By online learning, there are a lot of advantages. But it has very less and not acceptable disadvantages too. Here are some disadvantages of online learning.

Loss of independence

Online learning is a process of making a child independent. Students are independent in their learning. There is no need to go to school and college. They awake and sleep at their own will. But there is a problem with so much independence for the students.

Social Isolation

Online Learning makes students socially isolated. By going to school and colleges students become social. They interact with each other, with teachers and other people on their way to school and in this way they become socially active.
Cheating in exams
Cheating in exams is one of the main problems in E-Learning. Students can cheat in exams easily. They can cheat in exams by downloading educational material and E-Books. They can cheat in exams by copying from a source.

Timetable problem

Students learning from online classes cannot set a timetable due to independency. Time management is most important for a student. Those who don’t make a plan or timetable cannot succeed in exams. They also have no knowledge of things.

Focusing issue

Students can not focus for a long time on the screen to learn. According to psychologists a student only can focus for 20 minutes to understand something. They also remain busy on other sites and social media apps and in this way they waste a lot of time. They have no time to learn.

Health problems

By sitting for a long time in front of laptops or PCs students suffer from health problems. Many students face eyes problems mostly. Backbone problems, pain in the legs, and neck problems are also common.