General education, courses and diplomas are offered by many colleges and schools. The word education was originally derived from the Latin word ‘educationem’ which means, to create, to learn or be taught. Education is the process of gaining knowledge and learning skills. It is the systematic process of developing new thoughts, and remain touch with the world and its demands.

General Education

General education means a program of education with the aim of the acquisition of knowledge and skills and developing students as personalities. It gained in some liberal-arts colleges and secondary schools. It helps students to develop their personalities and grow their mental abilities.

Subjects outline

General education consists of a wide variety of subjects which helps students understand new disciplines. A student can choose his subjects according to his interests and needs. There are many subjects like mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, literature, social sciences, natural sciences, commerce and much more to choose from.

General education is mandatory for students

General education is the basic education for a child to learn and grow new things which he knew not. One can not start a university education without completing the general education program which consists of general subjects and some specific ones. After completing general education one can enter into university for post-secondary education.

Colleges and Schools

There are many colleges and schools in about every country around the world for general education. These colleges and schools offer courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, and the arts.

It teaches students skills that they can use in their future careers and lives. Sports, physical and mental activities are offered by these colleges. Sports offer an excellent opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It also, helps students learn teamwork and discipline.

Characteristics of General Education

  • A right for everyone to have a good education
  • A systematic process of learning
  • A discipline that transfers the cultural heritage and social values among students
  • Former and builder of characters in the society
  • Basic learning tool for life.
  • A social process which creates a sense of community among students
  • Encourage critical and logical thinking in students

Purpose of General School Education

General school education provides a broad and liberal education in a large number of subjects. It gives the opportunity to learn basic things and apply them in their daily life. It provides opportunities for the students to become prosper and live a strong healthy life with the best behavioural approach.

General Education Courses

General education courses may cover a wide range of topics, from the humanities to the sciences. They commonly offer courses in mathematics, commerce, English, natural sciences, social sciences, and world languages.

Subjects covered in general education courses could be arts, drama, music, literature, mathematics, natural sciences or social sciences. Some of the courses which can be helpful for general education are freshman English, mathematics, chemistry, physics, American history, world history, sociology, art history, political science and environmental science.

General Education Diplomas

General education diplomas and courses offered in different schools and colleges. These diplomas of general education may be divided into 2 or 3 phases. Phase one is primary education and after that phase two of general education starts. Phase 2 basically starts from the 9 to 10 level. These phases are compulsory for every student to complete general education. Phase 3 starts from 10 to grade 12. These phases and their time period varied greatly in many countries. The second phase consists of Matriculation/A Level and secondary school education. The third phase consists of Intermediate/O Level and higher secondary school education.