PTA to launch 5G in Pakistan

PTA to launch 5G in Pakistan at the start of April 2023. The authority will manage the various basic plans for this large project before its launch. Like the strategy, hiring of a consultant manager and demanding incentives in the next budget.

In “5G Strategic Plan and Policy Guideline” the ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication has set the tentative plan for launching the 5G technology. The ministry clears some points to the various market players and ministries in this regard. The Ministry of Information Technology will review this plan and facilities it according to the plan. The MoIT&T shall make the Spectrum Re-farming Framework for IMT bands after the consultation with PTA, PEMRA and FAB. All relevant stakeholders like PTA, PEMRA and FAB will work combine for conducting the spectrum auction in 2023.

For the IMT utilization spectrum and launch of the 5G ecosystem in Pakistan, there is a need for improvement in mobile broadband services. In this regard, the availability of 840MHz will be made. The IMT low and mid bands will be available by the end of 2024 or at the start of 2025.

In Pakistan, the business is growing day by day and foreign companies are working and investing to work. Pakistan will become a business hub by 2025. There is an acute need for 5G internet to expand the business. Recently Elon Musk showed his interest to work in Pakistan. So, there must be a fast internet network to run high systems for factories and companies. Pakistan has set the target to launch 5G internet at the start of 2023. This will prove beneficial for the business, private and public sectors.

But one thing is that PTA was preparing to launch 5G in Pakistan for the last 3 years. It was the first time when PTA says we will soon launch 5G in Pakistan.