Google Play Store services in Pakistan

Google Play Store services will be unavailable in Pakistan from December 01, 2022. Google Play Store services will no longer be available in Pakistan from the start of December. A large number of android users in Pakistan will not be able to download the desired app from the Play Store.

People now, will Google Play Store services download apps and take advantage of other services by paying through their credit and debit cards. It will also be harsh for the users due to banking and credit card slow services.

The reason is that the State Bank of Pakistan has deferred the direct carrier billing DCB system. The telecom ministry and PTA approached the State Bank of Pakistan about the revocation of this contract. The officials said outage and unavailability of such services in this digital time is unfair.

However, people will remain untouched by such digital services. They will be completely oblivious to the rest of the world if these services remain unavailable in Pakistan. Such a decision from the State Bank of Pakistan is dangerous for digital services like Google, Amazon, Meta, Facebook and Whatsapp. It seems in future all these companies will stop their services in Pakistan. The high authorities should be concerned about such decisions of the State Bank of Pakistan. Otherwise, it will lead Pakistan to the deep well.